The Mesoamerican Archive is an collection of annotated videos documenting the years of protest and violent social change in Central America and Mexico. The archive is drawn from the rich archives of the MUPI in El Salvador, the IHNCA in Nicaragua and CIESAS in Mexico. Key themes include human rights, political violence, youth movements, the Sandinista government, guerrilla media, revolutionary literature, international relations, among others. Archival software was produced at Indiana University Libraries, and all videos can be streamed free thanks to the generosity of the project partners. More on CAMVA»

Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology

The Audiovisual Lab (LAV) of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) was established in 2006 with three goals: first, to create a digital archive of rough-cut as well as professionally produced film; second, to strengthen the link between the social sciences and audiovisual resources both in terms of research methodologies and in sharing results; and thirdly, to increase the presence of CIESAS in national and international events that use audiovisuals in anthropological investigation.

Museum of the Word and the Image

The Museum of the Word and the Image (MUPI) has collections of manuscripts, photographs, audio, cinema, video, posters, objects and publications donated to the museum through its collaborations with the El Salvadoran people. The donations are a response to the call to "resist the chaos of forgetting." The MUPI is located in San Salvador and mounts exhibits about identity, culture and historical memory in San Salvador and throughout the country. It also produces books, audiovisual material and numerous educational and cultural activities.

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